Bluewater Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

  • Risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed, and this is of primary importance.
  • Focus on high-probability investment-situations where value exists.
  • There will be times when the market acts irrationally, so be prepared and plan accordingly.
  • Generally, one of the better times to be a buyer is when asset prices are declining, and fear is pervasive.
  • Sometimes the best investments take time to come to fruition. Be patient and give your investment thesis proper time to play out.
  • Conventional wisdom is often not correct.
  • Never panic; make decisions based on facts, not emotions.


The Fiduciary Responsibility of Bluewater Investment Strategies

As Investment Adviser Representatives of an independent Registered Investment Adviser, we are held to a Fiduciary Standard that requires us to always put our clients’ interests above our own. As a fiduciary, we are held to the highest standard of care and are required to act in our clients’ best interest at all times. We do this by making sure our investment advice stems from a thorough and complete analysis of each clients’ full financial profile and specific goals and needs.

Because of our independence, we are not tied to any type of investment product. This allows us to always work in our clients’ best interest instead of proposing trades and investments that may result in higher commissions for ourselves.

At Bluewater Investment Strategies, we treat our clients how we ourselves would want to be treated. We view them as extended family and do everything possible to always act with honesty and integrity.

The Firm
that Cares

When you work with Bluewater Investment Strategies, we will always deal with you in a way that we ourselves would want to be treated. We view all of our clients as extended members of our family and do everything we can to always act with honesty and integrity.