Robert David

Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor

The mission of Bluewater Investment Strategies is to help individuals reach their financial goals by carefully listening to their specific needs and then crafting a personalized strategy utilizing proprietary investment models.

At Bluewater Investment Strategies we understand the hard work, time and effort our clients put into their businesses and careers to build their wealth. We take seriously the privilege of working with our clients to manage their hard-earned money. By taking the time to listen to each clients’ goals and objectives, we build customized portfolios to suit their specific needs which are continually monitored through regular communication.


  • Investment and Wealth Management
  • Financial and Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Management
Should Millennials or Gen Z’s Have a Financial Advisor?

Planning for retirement has changed tremendously over the years.  Many years ago, you would retire with a pension, receive a good social security benefit and you were set.  Life expectancy wasn’t as long so once you retired you simply needed to make sure that your monthly expenses weren’t more than the guaranteed income you were… Read More

The Importance of a True Fiduciary

Acting as a fiduciary is the highest legal duty and standard of care in which to interact with someone.  As a fiduciary for all my clients at Bluewater Investment Strategies, I am always legally bound to act ethically, in their best interests, and put their needs ahead of my own.  I have always found this… Read More

The Firm
that Cares

When you work with Bluewater Investment Strategies, we will always deal with you in a way that we ourselves would want to be treated. We view all of our clients as extended members of our family and do everything we can to always act with honesty and integrity.